“I appreciate your support of the work of an organization that I have a great deal of respect for, the National Institute for Latino Policy. By supporting the Institute, you support the betterment of our people.”
—Jimmy Smits, actor, activist

To support the important work of the National Institute for Latino Policy (NiLP), we urge you to make a fully tax-deductible contribution today in the amount of $50, $250, $1,000 or whatever you can afford.

You can make a donation in one of two ways:

One way is online, which you can do by clicking here. It is easy and safe. Besides make a one-time donation, you can also elect to make a recurring donation that is automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account on a monthly basis. This way, a $25 monthly donation translates into an annual $300 tax-deductible contribution to the Institute.

Another way to donate is through the mail. You can send us a check or money order made out to the “National Institute for Latino Policy” to the following address:

National Institute for Latino Policy
101 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 313
New York, NY 10013
Attn: Angelo Falcón

You can leverage your donation if your company has a matching gifts program. You can check with your employer’s human resources department to see if they have such a program, which will enable you to have your company match your contribution. This past year, one person was able to convert her $1,000 contribution into a $4,000 donation in this way.

We know you receive many appeals for contributions all year long. What is different with the Institute is that your donation will definitely have a major impact on our development as a Latino institution and our ability to fight the good fight for our people. The Institute is counting on your support. Hey, if you don’t, who will?