The National Institute for Latino Policy (NiLP) (formerly the Institute for Puerto Rican Policy) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and nonpartisan policy center established in 1982. One of the leading think tanks in the Latino community utilizing an action research model, NiLP is involved in a wide range of policy issues affecting the Latino community. For further information on the Institute’s history and publications, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Institute_for_Latino_Policy.

The National Institute for Latino Policy focuses on these three program areas:

Policy Analysis and Advocacy

Reports and Studies. Since 1982, NiLP has produced studies on a wide range of policy issues critical to the future of the Latino community.

Latino Datanotes: Profiles of the Latino Community. NiLP has produced timely statistical profiles of demographic and other policy-relevant Census and other data in these easy to read bulletins. View a sample »

National Latino Data Center. NiLP is working on the development of a National Latino Data Center that will be a major repository of Census and other data on the Latino experience. Currently, the Institute performs this function in a limited way as a participant in the Census Information Center (CIC) program of the Census Bureau.

Criminal Justice Policy Project. NiLP is currently developing a project that will examine the role of the criminal justice system in the Latino community, with a focus on police-community relations.

Civic Participation

2010 Census Project. In preparation for the 2010 Census, NiLP is developing a series of activities to prepare the Latino community to maximize its participation in this important count of the American population. As part of this project, NiLP has created the Latino Census Network, an informational listserv that publishes the Latino Census Network eNewsletter.

Voting Rights Project. To promote Latino civic participation, NiLP is preparing for the 2011 redistricting process. As part of this project, the Institute has established the Latino Voting Rights Network.

Policy Networking

Latino Policy eNewsletter. This is the bimonthly newsletter of the Institute that covers critical Latino policy developments, and publicizes important events and publications.

Latino Policy Network. Through action alerts and other informational emails. NiLP has developed one of the most influential and wide-ranging listservs of Latino opinion leaders in the United States and Puerto Rico.

National Latino Opinion Leaders Survey (NLOLS). NiLP conducts regular surveys of our influential network of Latino opinion leaders on a variety of topics of interest to the Latino community.

Latino Advocates Training Institute. NiLP is planning to launch a summer Latino Advocates Training Institute to develop a new generation of Latino policy analysts and advocates based on the Institute’s action research model.